Being security aware

Mint Executive provides training in a range of covert disciplines and we use the same experienced operatives, who deploy these tactics operationally, to deliver the training. We have combined years of our knowledge and experience to deliver training that is relevant, real and dynamic.

Who we can assist

We specialise in awareness training for key staff in the organisation and these include:

  • Executives
  • Security staff
  • Drivers
  • University exchange programmes
  • Families (relocating or travelling)

Qualifications of Surveillance Team

Our trainers have worked at the highest levels of covert policing and their experience is invaluable. They will share their knowledge and skills to improve the way your organisation deals with the security threat you face.

How we work

Our courses are tailored to the client’s needs, both in terms of content, method of delivery (written or in person) and location.

Tools used in the person-to-person training include the following:

  • Video/Image examples of real situations
  • Role playing scenarios
  • Exercises
  • Assessment

Course content includes the following topics:

  • Personal safety
  • Business security
  • Travel risks including transport, airports and hotels
  • Understanding surveillance
  • Do’s and Don’ts