About Us

The founders, two career surveillance specialists, established Mint Executive in 2015, having worked on and managed some of the most complex Police operations in the UK.

Mint Executive is an independent, bespoke executive risk management consultancy based in London and Dubai. We specialise in the discreet protection of clients travelling abroad, where the environment requires additional expertise.  Our aim is to make our clients feel safe, and be safe, as they travel an increasingly dangerous world.

Our vision is to utilise the outstanding skills of our covert staff to provide invaluable support to the business sector and families travelling in difficult situations. Businesses and families are operating in more complex security environments and the discreet services we provide allow our clients to focus on their work and travel. We manage the stress and anxiety of working in unfamiliar countries or unfriendly environments, facilitating the client itineraries with the maximum of attention and the minimum of fuss.

Mint Executive operatives are highly skilled in surveillance and covert techniques. They are recruited exclusively from specialist UK Police units and they have had distinguished careers in Major Crime, Intelligence, National Security and Royalty and Diplomatic Protection. Using our unique knowledge and experience in covert policing, we deliver an exceptional executive and family risk management service.