Executive Risk Management

Globally prepared

Executive Risk Management combines the outstanding skills and experience of career Surveillance specialists with up to date dynamic risk assessments to assist with the safety of executives travelling the world.

Who we can assist

  • Senior executives travelling globally
  • Security teams who may require additional assistance
  • Companies travelling globally without sufficient internal resources for the specific trip
  • Families travelling into potentially unfriendly countries or situations
  • Minor/student/custody travel
  • Sport or Celebrity travel

How we work

All services are bespoke to meet the particular needs of the client.  We focus on covert protection and our services are discreet.

We utilise the experiences, gained through our specialist work fighting major crime and terrorism, to ensure the safety of our clients. We have partnerships with a select group of trusted security companies to assist as required.

Day to Day

  • We run through itineraries and routes with clients.
  • We accompany the clients on their trip, or meet them at their destination.
  • We provide advanced logistical support including:

– Security advice
– Transfers
– Anti and counter surveillance
– Physical security
– Advanced Police driving
– Room and vehicle sweeps
– Security of documents and bags
– Local knowledge and customs
– Operational support

Risk Assessment

We conduct risk assessments based on intelligence from the location, nationality of client, type and purpose of trip.  These assessments are monitored 24/7.


We monitor and collate intelligence globally and ensure that our deployments are fully supported. We keep clients updated on any changes to the intelligence and prioritise their safety.

Security advice

We work closely with Government agencies, local Police and security partners to ensure that we have the most up to date picture of security in the countries we work in. We provide advice to clients looking to travel abroad and we keep them updated on the relevant Government security advice.

Trouble shooting

Using knowledge of countries and our strong liaisons, we can advise on, or manage, complex security issues for clients. This applies where the client is a victim, an accused offender, or any other matter.  In addition, we can assist with medical and welfare services.